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Dry Cleaning
We distill our solvents after each cleaning cycle so that our customers’ clothing is always cleaned in "New" solvent.Our white and pastel garments will always remain that way and never look gray or dingy. New detergent & sizing is also added with each cleaning cycle to keep every garment feeling new and crisp. Our sizing is exceptional on silk, cotton and linen garments, you can SEE, FEEL and SMELL the difference of our quality cleaning.

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Tips & Information - Traditional Velvet
Traditional velvet, highly prized for its soft texture and shimmering appearance, has been made of cotton or silk fibers that have exclusively required dry cleaning. Some modern velvets, however, are made with synthetic fibers and are completely machine washable. To tell the difference, consult your manufacturer's label for cleaning and care instructions. If a velvet garment has no label (for example, if it is a family heirloom garment), and you value it, don't take the risk; take it to your dry cleaner for professional care.

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