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Today's laundry load is more easily cared for than ever before, with most fabrics created especially to be easily laundered. However, there are still instances when your professional dry cleaner can be your clothes' best friend.

All natural fibers, so very popular in today's fashions, are often easily ruined in home cleaning - a high price to pay. Some types of fabrics, such as silk, cannot survive contact with water, while others are chemically treated to resist water. Some fabric items are just too impractical to wash at home because of size.

Special problems, such as stains, mildew or special fabric coatings are often too puzzling for the home launderer. That is when the expertise and experience of your professional dry cleaner can be the most help.

When bringing your fabric items to your dry cleaner, always inspect them first for any special situations, and point them out to your cleaner, such as stains, loose buttons, fabric coatings, etc. If the manufacturer's clothing care instructions are not attached on a clothing label, they may have been attached to tags on the garment when you bought it, as in the case of leather goods. Be sure to bring these instructions along so that your cleaner can use the most knowledge to give you the best possible results.

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If you have a stained area on your garment, be sure to tell your cleaner what made the stain and when. A good idea is to pin a small slip of paper describing the stain to the spot on the garment, so that all personnel who work on the garment will be aware of the problem.

Remember, if you have stained garment that you have tried unsuccessfully to treat at home with a chemical spot remover, it is imperative that you inform your dry cleaner what you have used in order to avoid possible chemical reaction between the dry cleaning solvent and the spot remover, which could permanently damage the garment.

Inform your cleaner of any special fabric finishes on the item, especially if no label is attached. Stain and water-resistant finishes are often removed in the dry cleaning process, but your cleaner can restore them if properly informed.

Although your professional dry cleaner will thoroughly inspect your garment both before and after the cleaning process, it is you who knows your fabric items best. When picking up your order, always inspect it thoroughly before you leave the store. Check to make sure you have all pieces of each garment, and that all of your specifications regarding stains and fabric finishes have been met. If you have problems or questions, be sure to bring them to your cleaners attention before leaving the store.

Remember, your dry cleaner offers many helpful services in addition to professional cleaning. Ask about some of the ways your dry cleaner can help you and the fabrics of your life!

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