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About Model Cleaners

When you go to Model Cleaners, you expect only the finest care for your clothes. The kind of care you will always get with our Sanitone process.  Whiter whites, brighter colors and fabrics that look and feel softer. Trust our Sanitone dry cleaning to keep all your clothes looking like new!

You also come to Model Cleaners for local friendly people who will answer all your questions and work hard to provide the best service in Cape May County!

Tips & Information - Washable Velvet
For washable velvets, follow the label instructions for water temperature and machine cycle. When drying, dry at lower heat and remove the garment before it is totally dry to let it air dry the rest of the way. Washing can "squash" the shiny nap of velvet; to restore it, brush in one direction only with a soft clothing brush after the garment is completely dry. You can also try stretching the garment tightly over boiling water to steam it, with the "wrong" side of the fabric facing the steam. Another restoration method that works: place the velvet face down on a thick bath towel and press lightly with a steam iron.

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